Sling Hanging Chairs by Studio Stirling are Made from Leather and Metal

South Africa-based Studio Stirling specializes in making beautiful and durable swing chairs and daybeds. The Sling hanging chairs are one of the coolest designs from the company. Designed by Joanina Pastoll and David Pastoll, these soft-hued hanging chairs evoke a feeling of calm and serenity.

Each Sling hanging chair is made by hand and thus sports individualism and uniqueness. It comprises a metal hoop that functions like a frame on which a piece of thick leather is set up like a seat. There are ropes attached to the hoop for hanging it.

The hanging chair engulfs the user like a hammock, providing full relaxation to the body. With a combination of leather and metal, it will be a classy addition to any space.

There are a variety of choices for color and leather to match different needs. The Sling hanging chair would look cool suspending on the deck or hanging on the patio.

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