Stainless Steel Hanging Chair by Studio Stirling is Tailored for the Color Conscious

South Africa-based Studio Stirling specializes in handmade swing chairs, hammocks, and daybeds for outdoor use. The Lucky Bean hanging chair is one of their first classic designs and is still as popular as ever. Just like their other designs, it is also made by hand and has a stainless steel frame core to ensure consistency in shape and comfort.

This hanging chair is inspired by the pods and vibrant red seeds of the Lucky Bean or Coral tree, a species of deciduous tree native to South Africa. The pattern detail on the chair resembles textures found in nature including a bird’s nest, intersecting branches of a tree, intertwining grasses, the veins in dragonfly wings, and veins in leaves.

These stainless steel hanging chairs are strong and durable while also powder-coated in a variety of colors for a luxe look. Cushions are available in various options – for both indoor as well as outdoor use. The hanging mechanisms are also supplied with the chair.

If you like the Lucky Bean hanging chair and want one, you can raise an inquiry through the official website.

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