Studio Stirlings Hanging Chairs

Studio Stirling’s hanging chairs and daybeds are a testament to South African ingenuity and craftsmanship. 

For Joanina Pastoll, finding creative solutions comes naturally; it’s one of the reasons she has garnered international praise and accolades for her work as a creative director. It’s this spirit of enquiry and innovation that has led her into the next phase of exploration as an entrepreneur:

In search of a hanging chair, Joanina quickly assessed that the South African market offered either low-end and mass-produced or high-end and imported options, so she decided to design her own.

She worked with a metal artist on her first designs, and this hands-on process would remain even as the business grew. Prototypes are still made by hand. The physical designs then get refined, remade and tested for different body types before 3D drawings are produced. “We’re really passionate about the hand-made aspect,” says Joanina. “It allows for each piece to have individualism. The structure, form and ergonomics are the same, but no two are alike.”

The range currently includes hanging chairs and daybeds, made of steel and available in different colour finishes, as well as swings and custom options. “Our chairs facilitate relaxation. When people sit in them, I see them change physically and mentally. They relax. Their moods change. It’s awesome to observe.”

Joanina takes inspiration from her surroundings, especially nature, the city, people and experiences. “We like to think of ourselves as South African-inspired and globally relevant,” she says.

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