Designer Hanging Chairs by Studio Stirling

The round shape of the Stirling Studio hanging chairs creates a cozy feel. Ideal for ‘chilling out’, reading a book, or just hanging out. But not only comfort is what makes these hanging chairs so special. The modern patterns are striking in their appearance and every single chair is handmade.

Handmade, beautiful hanging swing chairs and daybeds are the passion of Studio Stirling.
Stirling Studio Hanging Chairs Collection

Joanina, the owner and design director, is an internationally acclaimed design and advertising guru. Alongside her corporate career, Joanina followed her passion for creating beautiful objects and she grew her business from strength to strength and now exports chairs globally. What initially started out as a once off design for an outdoor swinging chair which she made for her late husband’s guest house in Johannesburg soon grew into a fully-fledged business.

One design at a time, eventually lead to a portfolio of indoor and outdoor steel furniture which are all individually unique and beautiful.

What is important to Joanina and her dedicated team is the combination of aesthetics, comfort and emotion.

“I want to create something that’s functional, but also beautiful,”


Each and every piece is hand crafted and welded by highly skilled artisans, so each piece is individual and unique in the pattern detailing, due to the variance of craftsmanship.

“It works as an extremely comfortable, ergonomically designed chair, but I want to create an emotional response too. The physical experience of the chair, how it changes the way you feel when sitting in it; I want to create a sense of well-being“.


In a world of homogenized mass-production, these handmade products often require less energy than mass-produced items and will inevitably last longer.  Have a look at some of their pieces:

Studio Stirling

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