Hanging lounge chairs for ultimate relaxation

Few pieces of furniture can add more visual impact to a living space than hanging lounge chairs. While designed with comfort in mind, these chairs also make a style statement. Whether minimalist or crafted with complementing materials and multi-color palettes, hanging swing chairs can create a focal point in any room. On this page, you can find an array of designs that are as creative as they are relaxing. From ultra-simple designs inspired by geometry to whimsy chairs with mesmerizing upholstery designs or cocoons that welcome you in with plush interiors, these hanging chairs provide the perfect solution to create the ultimate lounge space in your home.

Before buying a hanging chair, there are a few things you should know. Here are some of the more common questions that may come up during your quest to find the ideal lounge chair.

Can my ceiling support a hanging chair?

One of the most important things regarding hanging lounge chairs is the installation process. And that begins with an assessment of your home’s ceilings to find the right place for a mounted system. Not all ceilings are the same when it comes to hanging chairs. For example, plaster ceilings can’t hold the weight of the chair. To install a hanging lounge chair, swing, or hammock, you need to locate one or more ceiling joists. Read the product’s description carefully to find out the chair’s weight as well as its capacity. A joist of at least 2’’ x 6’’ should be enough to support the chair and the weight of the person using it. Hanging lounge chairs can also be installed on sturdy wooden beams. For more peace of mind, get in touch with a specialist who can assess the strength of the ceiling and the best way to install the chair.

Are hanging chairs dangerous?

As long as the installation system is sound and the ceiling can support both the weight of the chair and the maximum weight the design allows, a hanging chair is not dangerous. Make sure that the hardware is high-quality and that the chair is installed by a specialist – if the installation method is more complex. For safety, make sure that the hanging chair has enough room to move or swing without touching other pieces of furniture, objects, or windows. Installing the chair lower may also make it safer, but keep in mind that some hanging chairs stretch out slightly over time and may require re-adjustment. Finally, a hanging chair with a stand provides a safer alternative to a ceiling-mounted design.

What is a hanging egg chair?

A hanging egg chair has a distinctive shape that embraces the user in a half-cocoon. Introduced in the 1960s by designers Nanna and Jørgen Ditzel, the egg-shaped hanging lounge chair took the world of furniture design by storm. Today, it is still one of the most popular swing and hanging chair shapes, with many stylish options available. This simple design is timeless and versatile, as it easily complements any interiors, from classic to modern and everything in between.

Can you install a hanging chair outside?

It depends on the materials used to craft the chair. Some designs suit outdoor use, while others are suitable for covered outdoor areas only. Treated metal or powder-coated steel frames are usually safe to use outside. Leather and wood may be safe for sheltered porches and terraces, depending on the finish. If you don’t have a sturdy ceiling or roof area where you can install the chair, designs with bases are a perfect option for outdoor spaces. Enhance comfort with weatherproof cushions.

How do you style a hanging chair?

Adding cushions or blankets to a hanging char not only improves comfort, but also enhances the design visually. For minimalist chairs, you can go for bolder patterns that add either a pop of color or texture to simple frames. For intricate design, use neutral colors and simple, monochrome fabrics. Creating a strong color contrast can make the hanging lounge chair stand out even more, while keeping the palette light and neutral can help you create a more relaxed, tranquil space.

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